How to install Microsoft Exchange 2010 (64Bit)

How to install Microsoft Exchange 2010 (64Bit)

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To run Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Enterprise Edition on x64 platforms, you need:

PC—An x64 architecture-based computer with Intel processor that supports Intel Extended Memory 64 Technology (Intel EM64T) or AMD processor that supports the AMD64 platform; Intel Itanium family IA64 processors are not supported.

Operating system —Microsoft Windows Server 2008 x64 Standard and Enterprise Edition with Service Pack 2 or Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard and Enterprise Edition.

Operating system —for installing management tools?The 64-bit editions Microsoft Windows Vista or Microsoft Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008. Note: Requirements only for management tools installation.

Additional requirements to run Exchange Server 2010



  • Memory—Minimum of 4 gigabytes (GB) of RAM per server plus 5 megabytes (MB) of RAM recommended for each mailbox.
  • Disk space
  • At least 1.2 GB on the drive used for installation.
  • An additional 500 MB of available disk space for each Unified Messaging (UM) language pack that you plan to install.
  • 200 MB of available disk space on the system drive.
  • Drive—DVD-ROM drive, local or network-accessible.
  • File format—Disk partitions formatted as NTFS file systems.
  • Monitor—Screen resolution 800×600 pixels or higher.
  • Exchange Server 2010 prerequisites



If these prerequisites are not already installed, the Exchange Server 2010 setup process will prompt and provide links to the installation locations; Internet access is required if the prerequisites are not already installed or available on a local network.

Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1

Windows PowerShell v2.0






NOTE: Before we go any further I just want to make a recommendation here,  please make sure you using a VALID license or just use Microsoft Genuine trial.



Getting started.

  1. Download the Microsft Exchange 2010 installation package from here.
  2. After download has completed double click on the compresed pack, and define the address that you wan program extract files into it.
  3. Find “Setup.exe” Application not the MS-DOS Ver
  4. Installation window will appear and first two options will be grey by default go ahead and click on the language option, then choose “Install languages only from DVD”
  5. Then Next option will be “Install exchange” click that and wait until exchange loads for the first time.
  6. Follow these steps:
  • Next
  • “I Accept” then Next
  • No
  • Choose “Typical Installation” because in custom mode there is a strong chance that you choose something that is not compatible with your OS
  • before click next MAKE SURE to check “Automatically Install Windows server roles and ….. for Exchange server”
  • Choose a name for your organization and DO NOT Split permission. (Split permission is an advanced security option that separates Windows admins from Exchange admin is cooperation networks with more than 500 users, with a big network comes a big responsibility and of course advances security setting. I’ll try to write an article about split permission as they become very handy.)
  • Choose YES if you have Outlook 2003 otherwise click No
  • Just skip the Client Access server, it’s for the time that you have a web mail service, it’s again is another field and you need to define an External DNS server and of cousre a static IP Address that points to a domain name.
  • This option is really your call so do what makes you happy!
Perfect we passed the first stage no you will see Exchange started Readness Check process, first time setup requires a rebbot after the first setup “Configuration Prerequisites”. You’ll see a Fail on next steps so just reboot the server and wait until first configurations take place.
  1. After your computer is completely recovered from first reboot you have to run the Setup process again but this time after clicking on Setup, Wizard will find your previous setting from our previous steps and when you prompted for resuming click yes and setup will take you to the last step.
  2. “Configuration Prerequisites” will run again and it usually takes 5-15 minutes to complete
  3. Prior to “Configuration Prerequisites” completions you will see setup will ask you to continue so just click INSTALL button
  4. NOTE: There are chances that you see error messages in this process, Errors are vary so I can’t really cover them in this articles and I simply suggest you just Google your error message, but the most common is something about “Microsoft windows Update”, it usually happens if you using a NOT valid software so again as I said before please make sure you using a VALID license or just use Microsoft Genuine Trial.
  5. Ok, So now you should have a setup window open that is doing “Organization preparation”, I’d say just go get a cup of coffee or start doing something else since this one will take a while to complete, but check on it once in a while to make sure that everything goes smoothly. (I had an experiment of 85 Minutes but your experience will be vary depending on options you choose and your computer speed, just be patient)


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